2020 Confectionary Innovation Award goes to Rimóczi-Art

Rimóczi-Art Kft. From Lajosmizse won the Innovation Award of the Association of Hungarian Sweets Producers with the innovation of “Santa Claus with Mask”.

The Association established the award in order to recognize the outstanding confectionery innovation that emerged during the previous year, based on the votes of its membership.

According to the Association, masked Santa Claus, who gained great popularity among customers and attracted the attention of news agencies, is an outstanding example of the fact that innovation and product development cannot stop in the current situation. Hunbisco underlined that “Masked Santa Claus” goes beyond an approach that links food innovation solely to changing recipes.

It is possible and necessary to innovate, to implement new ideas in packaging, in the development of forms (as the masked Santa Claus proves), in production technology, logistics, or even in everyday operation. Rimóczi-Art has already produced a number of innovative products before the famous Santa Claus, such as non-melting dragees developed for vendors in tourist places.

The award was presented in Lajosmizse to the masked executive László Rimóczi, Sándor Sánta, the president of the Association in a mask. The ceremony, held in a narrow circle, was completed by the greeting of the mayor of Lajosmizse, András Baksy.