CAOBISCO Annual General Assembly 2018

Annual meeting of European confectioners

CAOBISCO, the Association of European Confectionery manufacturers held its Annual General Assembly on 14-15 June 2018. The Association of Hungarian Confectionery Manufacturers (HUNBISCO), with an observer status, was represented by the vice-president and the secretary.


The General Assembly accepted the reports and the budget.


The General Assembly elected Mary Barnard (Mondeléz Intl.) as President of CAOBISCO for two years. Former President Alessandro Cagli (Ferrero) continues his CAOBISCO activities  as Vice-President and supports the new chairman in the next two years.

Moderate membership fee associations

The Hungarian, Spanish and Polish associations have so far paid moderate membership fees in exchange for no voting rights. The Polish and Spanish federations will pay the full membership fee from next year and will receive their voting rights. The position of HUNBISCO continues to be with the moderate membership fee, for us information flow is the key.

Mindful eating framework

The initiatives of the Australian ‘be treatwise’ or the Italian Merendine programs are recommended to the national associations but there is no common CAOBISCO approach in this respect. The Hungarian association has started this work very early through the voluntary commitments of ÉFOSZ, the National Association of Food Industrialists.

Child labour

CAOBISCO and ILO take a stand together against child labour.

Palm oil

CAOBISCO cooperates with the competent EU bodies to reduce palm oil use.

Intensive sweeteners

CAOBISCO initiates a permissive EU regulation for the use of intensive sweeteners in fine bakery products.

Sugar alcohols

CAOBISCO initiates a permissive EU regulation for the most extensive use of sugar alcohols in confectionery products in order to reduce energy consumption.